What started as a casual conversation after riding our mountain bikes (and a few beers) quickly turned serious for us. It began with us joking around about how fun it would be if we started our own coffee roasting company, after all we love coffee and use it to get a grip on our days. With roots in getting rowdy, craft coffee and beer it just felt right. After talking the crazy idea through, our minds were set—we were going to roast our own coffee! A few days later we purchased our first roaster, a USA made San Franciscan machine and we were off to the races. Our goal in all of this? To keep it REAL. There’s a lot of smoke & mirrors out there, you won’t get any of that with us, but what you will get is amazing coffee and real people.

Through our passion of coffee and love for progression, Traction Coffee Roasters was born. Why Traction? Because coffee helps you get a grip, move forward & #GainTraction


mike murfitt

Mike’s background is in BMX and while traveling the country riding he started frequenting local coffee shops in the places he was visiting as a way to explore new areas. After falling in love with craft coffee and the community around it, he decided to pursue a career in coffee in 2015 and has been caffinated AF since.